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Guild Wars 2 – I’m back on the wagon.

| April 1, 2012

Or is it “off the wagon”? I can never remember how that goes. I’ve had plenty of time now to sit in my corner and think. I’ve talked with a lot of folks I trust, and I’ve taken stock of every opinion I could find on the internet. I’ve also had the benefit of a […]

The Trash Loot Economy and Row, Row, Row Your Boat

| March 22, 2012

I’ve spent a couple days trying to come to terms with ArenaNet’s last blog post. It’s still a work in progress in my mind, and considering the fact that we are still entirely starved of details and specifics, I can’t really come to a final opinion until likely sometime after the game releases. That’s a […]

Selling Trophies

| March 18, 2012

In terms of justification for selling certain items in a microtransaction shop, I’ve been seeing one argument made more than just about any other. “These items are just cosmetic.” Now, if the items are just cosmetic, I totally agree. Purely cosmetic items (items with no in-game communal value) are exactly the types of things that […]

Guild Wars 2 Official forums

| March 16, 2012

I think official forums are a great idea. I also think that nothing is ever quite as simple as community relations and marketing people would like consumers to believe. With their latest bog post, ArenaNet announced that GW2 will have official forums, and that they will no longer specifically support certain fansites. They’ve spun it […]

Ramblings about Microtransaction Shops

| March 15, 2012

I’m actually having a tremendously uncomfortable time right now with Guild Wars 2…which is why I’m ranting. There are a ton of things I love about the design and underlying philosophy of Guild Wars 2, and I’m sure by now those who know me probably think I’m a completely mindless fanboi for the game. I […]