The Last Bastion

For the old guard, the happy fools, the dreamers.


Welcome to The Last Bastion…

My name’s Fozzik. I’m a gamer and a musician. I’m a computer hardware junkie and a wanna-be author. I tend to go on, especially on topics I care about (although not exclusively). Therefore, at long last, a blog seemed like a good idea.

I’m starting this site as a blog, perhaps sometime soon to expand into forums and maybe more.

So what’s this site… about?

I love MMORPG’s, or at least I did. I was captivated, enthralled, entertained, and awed by the first MMORPG games that hit the market. I wouldn’t have believed it, but I was hooked. That feeling has never left me. I’ve spent years now trying to find a game to provide what I lost when I left Everquest. I’ve found tiny bits…breadcrumbs, echoes…just enough to keep me hanging around and hoping.

I’m starting this blog now because I hate where the genre is headed. The games that provided the experience I’m looking for…for me and so many others…are no longer being developed. I’ve felt things were off-track for quite a while in quite a lot of ways, and now it’s getting to the point where there quite possibly will be no turning back.

Who am I? Just a gamer. Just one player among many. But maybe I’m someone with a voice that’s strong enough to be heard. Then again, maybe not. I’ve been told in the past that I write with a sledge hammer rather than a pen. I feel like it’s high time I swung that sledge hammer again for a good cause, and we’ll just see if any sparks will fly.

Maybe I’m out of touch. Maybe I’m old and the genre has moved on without me. Or maybe I’m part of an ever larger group of gamers who continue to search for a glimmer of the excitement and promise that this genre started with, and has now lost. We’re running out of places to turn, and advocates inside the industry. Perhaps in some small way, this site could be a place to hide out, regroup, and strike back. A last bastion for the old guard, as it were.

If tilting at windmills is all we’ve got left, let’s not do it half-speed.

Who’s with me?!

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