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Daily Thoughts: Back to WoW

Posted By on February 22, 2016

I reinstalled World of Warcraft last night. Yeah, I know. You don’t have to tell me. It’s 12 years old, it’s “casual”, and it’s a traditional MMORPG in most of the definitions of the term. Those are all supposed to be huge negatives. In the current environment, and in my current situation, I think it might be exactly what I need.

Logging into my old WoW account was an unbelievable experience. I’ve got a level 85 character and two characters in their 50’s…and I have absolutely no idea of how to play them. It’s been five years since I logged in, and apparently at my current age and mental capacity, five years is long enough for me to 100% forget how to play a game.

With that said, there were immediate nostalgic feelings, and an immediate sense of peace when I created a new character and logged in at level 1. As much as the original EQ mold was diluted by WoW…the roots are still there, and WoW is without a doubt a real MMORPG. I look at everything there is to do content-wise, everything there is to learn, all the depth of professions and classes and crafting and on and on, and it just feels so comfortable to slow down and enjoy the experience. The rush-rush of most modern task grinds and action combat systems drops away almost immediately, and it feels just fine to take my time, read things, and explore. To immerse myself in a fantasy world again and stop caring about levels and endgame quite so much.

Getting a handle on the controls and on combat in this game is going to take me some time. For all intents and purposes, I’m a brand-new player. It feels familiar, but so totally different from what I’ve been doing the past five years that it’s almost like trying to bat left-handed when you’ve been a righty all your life. My high-level characters will have to sit for a while and just offer money and maybe some bag space to my new characters, because I’ve got to do this from the ground up.

At the moment, with my recent heartbreak in GW2 and the total wasteland of the MMORPG industry over at least the next year to 18 months…this is exactly what I think I need. It feels good and makes me happy to start again, take it slow, and remember why I loved this genre for so long. One day at a time, just doing what’s fun…we’ll see how it goes.


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